House Rules

Property Orientation
The estate requires careful consideration as to tent set-up, parking, lighting, restrooms, house use and security and safety issues. Please contact us if there are any concerns.

All guests and staff must park in the designated parking areas on the mauka (mountain) side or north side of the house. Staff and guest vehicles may use circular driveway for loading and unloading only. Driving on the lawn is prohibited. Events in excess of 100 guests will require a parking attendant, unless shuttles are provided. Events in excess of 150 people will require shuttle service.

Tent Site
According to State Conservation Zone Law, no staked tents can be erected within 150 feet from the shoreline. Please see map for tent designation area. Tents supported by weights can be set-up with-in this boundary.

All caterers using Olowalu Plantation House must have their State Health Food Establishment Certificate on file with us, please provide this prior to event. Our kitchen is NOT a commercial kitchen; therefore, all cooking and preparation must follow state health laws. Caterers are fully responsible for leaving the kitchen and eating areas clean. All surfaces and appliances should be cleared of food and waste. Floors should be swept and mopped to discourage pests and rodents. Failure to comply will result in a back charge to the Permittee. No dumping of ice on lawn or plantings!

All garbage must be disposed of in the dumpster supplied. This is located on the left side of the paved drive as you exit. If dumpster becomes full, you are required to dispose OFF property. No garbage can be stacked on top of the dumpster or left alongside. An Additional dumpster may be required for events in excess of 100 people. Please make sure that all marker posts (signage, balloons, etc) on the roadways are removed and discarded.

The bathhouse is located on the north side of the house. Please advise all guests to use this facility. The wedding party is allowed the use of the house. The bathhouse is supplied with tissue and paper towels. Parties in excess of 150 people, will require one portable toilet per each additional 25 guests.

There is a “no smoking” rule for the bathhouse, main house and lanai’s. Permittee’ is responsible for removing cigarette butts from lawn and common areas.

Sparklers, sky lanterns, fireworks and/or any other flame that is not self-contained is prohibited. Tiki Torches and candles in glass containers are acceptable.

Interior Spaces
The bedrooms and baths are limited to the bridal parties use only. The doors should remain closed during event. Caterers have access to the kitchen and service bath. All furniture and furnishings should remain in place.

Exterior Spaces
Any damage to lawn, plantings, or irrigation will result in a deduction from security deposit. Furniture on lanai should remain in place.

Permittee is required to have all rentals removed from lawn and placed on concrete slab as the irrigation cycles start at 11pm. These items need to be picked up by 8am the morning following the event. To insure security deposit is refunded, permittee or agent should inspect the property the following morning. Any signage, balloons, or any other indicators MUST be removed from highway, guard rails, street signs or elsewhere.

The property manager must approve all musicians. Soloist, Duo or Trio can perform for ceremony through dinner hour. At 8pm music must be operated by an approved local DJ. Bands are not allowed and DJ’s must be approved. IPod Players are allowed but must be supervised by an approved Sound Technician. Last call and song should be at 9:45pm as noise curfew is 10:00 pm. All music and excessive noise must cease at that time or refund will be forfeited. Decibel Readers must be used by all DJ’s and musicians with a maximum of 85 decibels from 15 feet pointed directly at audio speakers and the speaker system must face the ocean. Any vendor that does not adhere to these restrictions will be banned.


Terms & Conditions

Reservation Holds
A reservation will be tentatively held without commitment for ten days.
If a contract has not been initiated within this time frame, the reservation will automatically drop from the calendar.

Once the contract has been issued, Permittee has thirty days to return signed contract and House Rules along with the required deposit to insure desired date. A questionnaire will be emailed 60 days prior to event, if the guest count has increased or decreased to another rate fee, the final invoice will be adjusted.

The deposit requirement will be found on the contract. The reservation deposit equals 1/3 of the total Site Use Fee. The balance of this fee along with state tax and security deposit will be invoiced prior to event. All remaining fees will need to be collected thirty days prior to event or event is in default and subject to cancellation.

Insurance Requirement
As stated in the “Site Use Agreement” OEA requires a One-million-dollar insurance policy naming Olowalu Elua Associates as additionally insured and provide the date and name of the event being covered. Failure to receive this insurance will result in the cancellation of the event. Please check with your planner if their insurance is covering your event. If so, they will need to email us with confirmation.

Security Deposit
Refundable security deposit reports are generated at the end of each month and checks will be issued shortly thereafter.

If an event is cancelled outside of one year of occasion, the deposit will be refunded less $500.00 Administrative fee. If cancellation falls within the 365 policy, the deposit is forfeited, unless property is re-booked. Any difference in the fee will be refunded less a $500.00 Administrative fee. A date change after contract is issued does not incur penalties and deposit monies are transferred to the new contract.

Direct Bookings
All events now require a Maui based Wedding Coordinator for the day of the function. Planner must be on property during entire event for supervision. Please refer to our list of Approved Vendors.