Frequently Asked Questions

Can we book the venue directly, and then take the time to find the right planner without the risk of loosing the property?
Yes. When corresponding with potential vendors, let them know you have secured the venue.

Is there a Preferred Vendor List?
We have an “Approved Vendor List” and we require the vendors are from this list

I have a family member or friend I’d like to use as my Officiant, is this allowed?
We may make an exception as long as your wedding planner is vouching for them and they are providing the necessary insurance for the planner.

Are we locked into the “guest count” that shows on our contract?
No, we understand that you won’t have a final count until closer to time. We send out a questionnaire 45 days out. If your count has increased or decreased to place you in another price category, then it can be adjusted for the final invoice.

What is included in the “Rates” shown on the website?
The rates are for the use of the house and property alone. All services and rentals are up to you.

Do we have to use a wedding planner?
You must have a Maui based wedding planner from our Approved Vendor List for at least the “day of”. If you are using someone else, you will also need to have the Maui planner onsite during the entire time of your block.

If we book a “Ceremony Only” morning or sunset time block, does that include set-up and break down?
These time blocks are meant for low-impact small (under 50 people) weddings. Rental companies can drop off ahead of time and they can pick up after the time block, but the actual set-up and break down are within the block.

If booking the 2—10pm-time block is there usually enough time to set-up if having a sunset ceremony?
Rental companies can drop off and caterer and planner can start setting up prior to 2pm, but no use of the house until 2pm. There is also the option of purchasing additional time slots.

How does one go about getting the insurance that is required?
If your wedding planner is securing all your vendors, then they, most likely, will allow their insurance to cover your event. This should be discussed with them beforehand.

If I am securing all my own vendors and my planner isn’t providing the insurance, then how do I proceed?
There are several online “special event” insurance providers. We require OLOWALU ELUA ASSOCIATES, named as additionally insured for $1,000,000.

If I cancel outside of 365 days, do I get a full refund of my deposit?
We withhold $500.00 for administrative fees and the balance is refunded.

If I cancel inside of 365 days, do I get any refund?
If we are successful in re-booking your date, then you will be refunded. However, if there is a difference in the “Site Use” rate in the new booking, then a proration of the deposit is refunded.

If I need to postpone or change the date after my deposit has been made, are there any fees associated?
If you postpone to a different year, then new rates may apply.

If I book directly, when do I need to let you know whom I’ve selected for my wedding planner?
As soon as you have hired your planner, please notify us so we can note your file.

Can I schedule a rehearsal before the wedding?
We allow a one-hour rehearsal arranged around our scheduled events and can be confirmed six month before the wedding.

How many vehicles can be accommodated on the property?
About 30—50 cars if self-parking. If using parking attendants, about 60 cars.

Can we use Shuttle Buses?
The largest bus we can accommodate is 27 Passenger Mini-coaches and must be on our Approved Vendor List.

Can we leave vehicles at the end of the night if drivers shouldn’t be driving?
Absolutely! We just ask that they are picked up by the next morning at 10am.

Can we have sparklers?
Sadly, no as they have become as hazard. Same goes for sky lanterns or any other flame that is not contained. Tiki torches and candles are acceptable.

Can we leave items at the house the day before or after? 
No, we frequently have back-to-back events and cleaning crew will need to have full access.

After the required 1/3rddeposit, can we make payments along the way?
Yes, you can make as many payments as often as you’d like.

Can I pay with a credit card or electronic payment?
We prefer bank cashiers check, personal or company check, money order or online bank checks.

Can I add the morning time block after the contract has been issued and deposit paid?
Yes, you can add or remove the additional hours between 10-2 at any time.

Do you provide any rentals or services onsite?
We do have a teak dance floor that we rent and fits over the existing concrete pad, please inquire by email.

Do we have full access to the house?
We suggest the wedding party is limited to the use of the house, as the age of the plumbing inside can’t handle more than about 20 people. We do have a separate guest bathhouse that has a men’s and ladies room with two stalls in each.

Are children included in the guest count?
Yes, unless they are immobile they are counted as they can have much more of an impact on the property than adults.

If I go over the guest count by a few people, do I still have to pay the new rate?

When do I have to pay the security deposit and when is it refunded?
The security deposit is payable with the final invoice and if all goes well, is refunded the following month to the address on your final invoice.